Upon entering studio #325 so many people say, “Oh! What a beautiful view! How do you get anything done?” But our workshop is indeed ideal for printmaking. Gorgeous setting, good equipment and most importantly the shared camaraderie of fellow printmakers all create an ambiance that promotes our common goals.

In 1975 Printmakers Inc established itself in the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The creation of original prints replaced Alexandria voting machines and before that the manufacture of torpedoes. Torpedo Factory Printmakers Inc (TFPI) was set up to promote public understanding of the fine art of original printmaking: to share facilities, materials and ideas; as well as to provide exhibition and sales space for its members. The member artists continuously work on their individual prints offering verbal and visual explanations of the printmaking processes to the public. Over the years thousands of people, fellow artists, adults and school groups have watched us work.

The work from TFPI has been exhibited internationally and purchased for public and private collections through the State Department, USA and foreign visitors. In the United States the group has been widely exhibited and their prints and included in many private as well as public collections such as the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Museum of American History, Virginia Museum of Art, The Johnson Museum, Cornell University, American Institute of Architects and many others. The interactions beyond Printmakers Inc have enriched these artists’ lives through workshops, activities with other artists in the Art Center, or invitational shows such as our recent exhibition in Williamsburg, VA. In 1998 TFPI joined Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor, Northern Ireland in an exchange that brought their work to Alexandria and our work to Bangor, Belfast and Dublin.

Printmakers Inc has a unique opportunity to share all of the above but most importantly it is the exchange of ideas, group projects and the professionalism and mutual support that enables us to not only exist but to truly grow in our shared love of creating fine art prints.