phyllis cohen

wood-block prints and artists books

After creating her image, Cohen using a scroll saw, cuts the block into interlocking pieces, in effect, a jigsaw puzzle. Some of the individual pieces are left as flat areas, others are relief cut and/or incised with an x-acto knife. The pieces are inked, reassembled and printed on a press. The jigsaw method allows any piece of the puzzle to be removed and replaced by one of the same size and shape with different color or carving. “When creating my images I’m always thinking of the woodcut process and how to explore it further while creating a work of art. No matter how complicated the printing process, my intention is to create a feeling of simplicity. The tremendous appeal to me of the woodcut method of printmaking is the combination of the aesthetic and the craft inherent in the process.”

      printmakers inc - studio #325 - torpedo factory art center - 105 n. union street - alexandria - virginia - 22314    open 11-6 daily